News from Peru

In this blog we inform about current news and exciting topics from the project casayohana Peru.

Visit from Erlangen (german city near Nuremberg)! .

We are very happy that we just have a loving visit from the community center Erlangen! Ulrike and Gerhard have come to get to know our work better and will be in "close contact" right away. Thank you for everything you brought with you! . . .

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Our 2nd project manager was in Germany for 3 weeks to get to know the country, people, foundation and supporters. We are very grateful, it was a great time! . .

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“To continued good cooperation!”

Signing the contracts. Bine Vogel and Yudi Llicclla Cruz We have been working together with Paz y Esperanza for years with confidence and enthusiasm. We are happy to have been able to expand these even further! Thank you PyE, for your trust.

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* Easter in casayohana *

We really had a beautiful and blessed Easter celebration. Dear friends from Curahuasi visited us, we celebrated with the “casayohana-family” and visited a few of our project families. Now we are ready to get started with the daily routine again.

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We have a road!!!

Recently, a man visited us and we could help him. As we talked, we found out that he is part of a group in Andahuaylas that has a lot of influence there. He called the ministry of transport and the municipality, and just a few hours later they visited us at our...

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The latest from the construction!

Here’s the latest news from the building site! The ground floor is up! On Monday we have the floor plate for the 1st floor! What do you say?! Isn’t it genius? πŸ‘πŸΌ On Monday Bine and Francisco go to Cusco to flow shopping! We tremble that they find good material!

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Zuni dances

Zunilda has been a fixture in the casayohana-based family since February this year. Very quickly she learned to sit and grab. It took her a little longer to crawl! And since July, our awesome Zuni has been running! For her 13th birthday wish, she fulfilled her...

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E r l a n g e n w a r d a (Erlangen was here)

E r l a n g e n w a r d a (Erlangen was here) We had a visit to casayohana for two weeks. A group of one of Bine's two sending community churches in Germany had been there and helped us so, so, so much! They have booked, treated, shopped, visited, towed, enjoyed,...

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Rich time!

The girls of the youth house circle had so much fun last night in casayohana at the first pajama party we ever celebrated here! A pleasure and an honor to have been there!

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