More space at casayohana!

von Carsten Seeberger16.02.2023
Group picture volunteers painting casayohana's new apartment
Moritz, Amos, Gernot and Albert painting with staff member Dalumy

New rooms for casayohana in the works


We're running out of space! That's why we decided to rent some new rooms. These are currently being painted, cleaned and made ready for moving by our hardworking volunteers! Here the classrooms and the psychology department will find their new home. Then the floor in the project house can be used again for its original purpose: To house women in emergency situations.

Unplanned changes made by Corona


Originally, the second floor of the large house provided sheltered spaces for women in emergency situations. To get women out of dicey situations, to give them protection, care and help. That was the plan...and then Corona intervened. Children stopped getting lessons, parents and teenagers fell into an emotional hole. It quickly became clear that we had to help our families and without further ado, these rooms were converted into classrooms and therapy rooms. The two areas are now an integral part of casayohana and it is impossible to imagine life without them. Nevertheless, the need to be able to accommodate women remains. Together with EC Germany, we have been considering for some time how we can expand the school support for our children. When the opportunity arose to rent an apartment that is right around the corner from us (see below: the small white house in the background), we have now rented it together with the EC. We are looking forward to the expansion and to the new cooperation.

untitled 1.24.1

Long-term goal


Our big long-term goal is to build a second home on campus. Our work is growing and thriving. We simply need more rooms, more space. All areas should be united on the campus at some point. That's why we are still diligently collecting donations for the construction of the second house. But we are happy and grateful for the temporary solution of the rented neighboring house. Thank you dear EC-Germany!

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