A reason to celebrate: 8 years of casayohana

von Carsten Seeberger17.10.2022

casayohana is celebrating its 8th anniversary today with a big thank you celebration in Peru. A very big thank you to everyone who helped casayohana help so many other people.

8 years of casayohana: This is the occasion for a very big thank you to you, to the helpers and supporters from Peru and from Germany!

And it is also a beautiful opportunity to look back on everything that has already been allowed to come into being with God's help and to grow so incredibly fast. 

In 2014, casayohana founder Bine Vogel still accompanies the Paz y Esperanza organization to the families in the mountains. Partly she has only a mat with her to do first exercises with the children.

The first steps


The following year already follows the development of the first floor in the apartment building in which Bine Vogel lived at that time. An office space and a clothing store are created - and in parallel already a mobile station at various locations in the highlands with consultation hours.

The work grows enormously, more and more children and families are cared for in the house or at home. From Germany, the first support comes from short-termers; on the first floor, a room is being prepared for the helpers who have arrived. 

More and more children

In2017, the house is then bursting at the seams. Thanks to great support, casayohana is able to buy a plot of land with space for an entire campus.

In 2018 to 2019, the first phase of construction may also already begin. Helpers from Germany travel and create what the stuff holds. The first two houses are being built.

Construction work begins


Then the pandemic hit and triggered some new work at casayohana as well: Lockdowns paralyzed the country, and families and children had to be provided with emergency supplies. To ensure that children had access to homeschooling at all, casayohana provided families with smartphones, and helped with learning support on campus where possible.

And the work grows and grows, with requests for help coming from more and more districts. Now, in 2022, casayohana counts over 100 sponsored children in over 150 families. And the help multiplies: casayohana and thus all who support the work of casayohana, help about 700 people a year. There are now 28 employees at casayohana, some of them from Peru.

Much remains to be done

Much remains to be done. Recently, hardworking volunteers traveled to Peru and, among other things, installed a solar system on a trial basis to help offset the constant power outages. And the new house is again full to the top: work on construction phase two is scheduled to begin in 2023. Who would like to help quite concretely: casayohana is urgently looking for a construction supervisor from Germany and a male or female employee to manage the work of casayohana.


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