Power outage again and again: A generator now helps against it

von admin09.09.2022

From now on, a power generator will protect casayohana's campus from total outages. In the future, it will keep vital medical equipment running. Only your donations make this possible - a thousand thanks!

Our power generator has finally arrived!

We have some really good news! After a lot of organizing, rebuilding and preparing, our emergency generator has arrived. Now that it is installed, we will be independent from the power fluctuations -and outages here! Thanks to all who made this possible!

Compensating for disruptions in the public network

An acquisition like this shows once again that with your donations vital things can be achieved in Peru that seem quite natural to us. Hardly once the electricity fails in Germany.

The goal is to use the generator to protect the campus and all important electronic devices from overvoltage during power fluctuations in the public grid. In addition, the generator helps the campus become independent of the public power grid, which can always fail or fluctuate. This ensures that all electronic devices on campus can continue to run.

Medical treatments are moving into view


But there are other plans: in the second phase of construction, casayohana plans to provide medical treatments as well. In doing so, we need to ensure that equipment essential for survival, such as a ventilator, will continue to run even if the storm ever fails.

The purchase of a generator is fundamentally important to be well positioned for the future. In addition, we will install a small solar system on the roof, which should have a storage battery. The campus and the work are growing.


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