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With a sponsorship in our family support program NIÑOS DE LA CASA you enable a child, adolescent or family to live in dignity. NIÑOS DE LA CASA is based on the Christian image of man, each person is loved and unique. Since 2012, we have therefore been committed to helping children and those in need in Peru.

This is what your sponsorship does:

Through sponsorship, we can assist in the coordination, implementation and financing of diagnosis and therapies, physiotherapy, medication and much more.
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In addition, we enable the provision of basic foodstuffs, baby food and diapers. These are things that are part of daily needs and are difficult or even impossible to reach for many families in Peru.
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You support "your protégé" in our pool system. "Your protégé" is supplied from the pool medically, therapeutically and with everything that is necessary beyond that.
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NIÑOS DE LA CASA is a family support program of casayohana Peru.
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That's what sponsors can do:

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To enable a child, young person or family to live in dignity.
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