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Become a sponsor.

Support our information events, lecture evenings or charity events as a sponsor with your know-how and/or financial means on a one-time or permanent basis! You can of course advertise your company at our events.

With your sponsorship for the casayohana foundation you help to make the important statutory purposes known in Germany and to realize them for the benefit of traumatized women and children and children with disabilities among the Quechua Indians in the district of Apurimac, Peru.
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Become a network partner.

As a network partner, you express your special affinity with casayohana's work. In doing so, you are in a network with other network partners who share the same concern.

You can become a network partner as a group or organization by supporting casayohana's work directly and regularly, e.g. with resources, donations, gifts or on site in Peru. It does not matter whether you are non-profit or commercially oriented.
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Advantages of our network partners

  • Regular "live" reports about the work in Peru
  • Timely first-hand information (video conferences)
  • Possibility of queries directly to Peru
  • Support in the planning of information events for casayohana
  • Support for the implementation of planned events by the foundation
  • Preferred scheduling for home stays of Bine Vogel and other project staff members
  • Possibility to visit the project in Peru on site and help with planning
  • Upon request, there is a place for your logo on our information material (homepage, flyers, posters, etc.)

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