Become a network partner

As a network partner, you express your special solidarity to the work of casayohana. You are in a network of other network partners who share the same concern.

Network partners can become a group or organization by directly and regularly supporting the work of casayohana, e.g. with resources, donations or even on site in Peru. It doesn’t matter if you are non-profit or commercial.


  • Regular “live” reports from our project in Peru
  • Timely first-hand information (e.g. video conferencing)
  • Possibility to ask questions directly to our team in Peru
  • Subordination to the planning of information events for casayohana
  • Support in the implementation of planned events by the Foundation, e.g. by
    • Presence and lectures on site
    • Live conference call to the project in Peru
    • Information material (posters, displays, handouts, presentations, etc.)
    • Show case with exhibits from Peru
  • Preferred appointments for home stays by Bine Vogel and other project staff
  • Possibility to visit the project in Peru on site and assistance in planning
  • On request there is a place for your logo on our information material (homepage, flyer, posters etc.)