For 7 months now, the families from our projects – and about 500 other people – have been provided with clothes, blankets, food and medicine. Thus the worst consequences of corona, namely malnutrition, secondary diseases and hopelessness can be cushioned.

But the situation is still extremely precarious – especially for young women and girls.

  1. Current needs in relation to the fight against the Corona pandemic

In our current survey in our environment, 75% of the families questioned in the current situation still cite domestic violence and alcoholism as conditions from which young girls and women in particular suffer.

This means young women and girls who have already studied and have financed a room in Andahuaylas with a part-time job, are living at home again due to Corona (loss of the part-time job). They, who had just become somewhat independent, are now once again being “put in their place” at home by domestic violence (humiliation, beatings and sexual assaults) from some men.

2. What we do

We are therefore renting 7 rooms on the top floor of a hotel from mid-November to provide protected and assisted living for these young women.

This is the hotel of a married couple that is closely associated with casayohana. The wife is already working in the project, her husband is a volunteer in casayohana.

The rooms are on the top floor, above it is only the owners’ apartment. The floor is lockable (door is being installed right now), on the 1st floor a doorman is sitting around the clock, men are not tolerated in the house;

There are fixed times of departure and fixed meetings with casayohana staff for life training (on community life, sharing about their experiences and problems, practical lifestyle issues such as getting dressed, dealing with money, with men, Internet, cell phones, contraception, Facebook, WhatsApp, healthy eating, etc.)

Once in the week common breakfast with the house parents takes place, so to speak as family connection.

This is to make it possible for the young women to escape from domestic violence and then resume their studies in February, even if there is no job to finance it.


We want to:

– provide a way out of the violent situation, especially in these difficult times;

– Creating perspectives: resuming studies, participation in the school of life and the possibility of coming to terms with what has been experienced;

Thanks to all who support us in this expansion of our work!

If you want to help: please use the already known donation account with the subject line:

“casayohana allgemein und Bildung in Coronazeiten”