In recent years, the casayohana project in Peru has grown strongly. The Marburg Mission Foundation was particularly active in the founding phase of the work. The casayohana foundation was established in Germany in July 2018 to support the growing need for support and donations from Germany. The casayohana charitable foundation is now well established and performs solid, sustainable work.

The Marburg Mission Foundation has therefore decided to hand over the sponsorship of the casayohana project to the casayohana Foundation on 1 January 2020. This simplifies communication and processes, frees up resources and thus helps to further develop and expand the casayohana project in Peru.

In addition, the Marburg Mission Foundation remains on friendly terms with the casayohana project and the casayohana Foundation.

1 November 2019, Marburg, Munich, Andahuaylas


Rainer Becker (Director Marburg Mission Foundation)

Matthias Vogel (President & CEO casyohana Foundation)

Sabine Vogel (General Commissioner casayohana Peru)

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