Dear siblings Matthias and Sabine Vogel and Annette,
Dear Board of Directors,
Dear Board of Trustees, Volunteers and Supporters,

It’s extraordinarily remarkable what you launched.

It is a particularly blessed day for Weißburg, because here you celebrate its founding.

Here we see and experience very close how God’s love works.
It opens people’s minds and hearts and makes us follow Jesus Christ, him, who always took the needs of people very seriously, did not leave them with disaffments and empty, mendacious words, but made them feel and experience that God’s Spirit can bring good and life among us.

For many people in the highlands of Peru, you are light, hope and life.

I would like to express my utmost respect for you, not only from me, but also from the local community church here in Weißenburg and also on the part of the deanate district, and on the eve of a state election in Bavaria, the result of which will be Looking forward to some with banches.

Allow me a few more words.

Many of us today, as we are here, work professionally in contexts that relate not only to one place, one country, one language, one culture, one religion. Many companies, institutions, organizations and church anyway have contacts, relationships, friendships and business relationships around the globe.

In this way, the economization of all areas of life has really and unfortunately covered almost the whole globe.

The offensive artist of the 20th century, Joseph Beuys, had foreseen this phenomenon and its great dangers in the postwar years.

Again and again he drew attention with his art:

The economization of all areas of life, the shameless maximization of profits, the submission to the market laws lead to a de-solidarity in society and to the fact that man misses his humanity even in all his necessary creativity.

You can still put this at a head, quoting Matthew 6:24:
“You cannot serve God and the Mammon.”

Your commitment, your foundation not only begins a solidarity, but lives it, making it one of the great signs of hope for our globe. For too long, here in Europe, we have been living on resources that do not belong to us and that come at the expense of other people on this planet.

Yes, we are constantly jetting around the globe today – you may have seen them on the net, there are probably pictures and information showing how many planes are currently in the sky, –
Yes, and we can turn Bine live to it,
Yes, the technology we have is really impressive
Yes, and we also know and see a lot, because we can travel so easily.

Now it is time to rediscover solidarity, to bring it up to date and to use all our technical knowledge and skills, all our relationships, contacts and friendships.

Surely this planet then has more chance of a blue, greener, a more colorful stay on which many different cultures have habitat.

With your foundation you really set a light for this world thank you!!!!!