Dear employees, ambassadors, donors, friends and supporters of casayohana,

Thank you very much for your tireless voluntary work in the last weeks, months and years for our common cause: to give disabled children, mothers and their families in the highlands of Peru a new hope and to support them sustainably and on a long-term basis. It is deeply moving and a unique experience for us that she brings all of you in so creatively and selflessly.

At the end of the year it is a good opportunity to look back in gratitude, but also to look forward.

God has moved much and much has happened – that is very encouraging!

The project is making great strides. There were different groups and supporters from Germany in the project and helped actively with the first work in the campus. The first two houses are under construction. We have won new sponsors for the children. Donations were made for the clothing store, which was always refilled. There was a great foundation party and our foundation was established. We have already received more than 200.000€ as donations and contributions and many of you have donated yourself. We have shared, discussed and planned ideas in the Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees and in working groups. New supporters were won and we got a great internet presence that appeals to people and motivates them to get involved. In all this, we are very grateful that we have not had any accidents or injuries. In this we see God’s goodness, His mercy and His action. He is very good to us and blesses the task he has set us.

Looking forward is exciting and challenging.

The completion of the first two houses, the relocation and moving into the project is planned for the end of May. Bine will come to Germany at the beginning of May to maintain contacts, establish new contacts, give lectures and report on the progress of the project. We are planning various actions to make the work even better known, to network and to win new supporters. In concrete terms, these include benefit events, information stands at conferences, personal contacts and presentations to companies, and fundraising campaigns. We are considering how we can more concretely help the children, mothers and families on the spot to sustainably provide for themselves, in order to get a perspective for their lives. Thank you for being there and going with us.

All this would not and will not be possible without you all, who tirelessly give you time, gifts, ideas and money. For this we are grateful to you and to you from the bottom of our hearts.

It is a great honour and joy for us and it fills us with pride to bring God’s love to the people in a practical way together with you through the cooperation in the foundation for the project casayohana – where it is most needed.

In cordial solidarity we wish you a peaceful and blessed Christmas and a good start into a sheltered new year 2019!

Many greetings
Bine, Annette, Matthias & Gert