Casayohana Christmas Donation Dampaign 2018

Light and fresh air for Daniel

At this year’s Christmas campaign for casayohana Peru we would like to support one of our severely disabled boys, Daniel, and his mother Te ofila to get a new home.

Daniel lives in a tiny house – one room – without windows – up on a steep hillside in the poor neighborhood of San Jeronimo. Daniel is severely disabled, unable to walk, is blind, and is mainly reliant on his wheelchair. But he cannot use this, because in front of the house the mountain is too steep that it would be life-threatening for him to drive outside. Life threatening is also the environment in which he and his mother live after the death of his father 3 weeks ago. Former prisoners, without perspective and work, mostly drunken and violent, live in this poor neighbourhood and the two are now at the mercy of them without protection and help. While his mother is at heavy work as a day laborer, Daniel stays home alone, without fresh air and daylight, in the small “hole”, always with the fear that someone could enters the house and hurt him.

With your donation, you allow the family to sell the house and property and to get a small house or apartment near casayohana in Talavera/Andahuaylas. Please help and give Daniel a new home, fresh air and safety at Christmas! Thank you!

Donate to Daniel and his family!

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Donation bank account

Weberbank Actiengesellschaft Berlin
IBAN: DE08 1012 0100 1700 0173 18
Purpose: casayoahna general – Daniel