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The casayohana Foundation has been committed to the work of the casayohana project in Peru since 2018 in order to secure it sustainably and in the long term. As a non profit organization the casayohana Foundation supports the project with staff, resources, funding and organizational.


The casayohana project in Peru is to be sustainably supported and promoted – focus through fundraising, attracting donors, sponsors and active supporters, providing resources & information on the Work in Peru.


Casayohana hosts two social missionary projects under one roof – vida liberada & heartbeat. The goal in both works is to stimulate people to help themselves, and to do so in a very individual way. It is also intended to teach that God loves every human being and has good appreciative thoughts for it; That all human beings are worth living anxiety-free and glad. The project supports women in living reconciled with the past and finding a good way forward for their future.


Peru is a state in western South America and borders Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil to the east, Bolivia to the southeast, Chile to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the west. A significant proportion of the indigenous population in particular live below or on the edge of the poverty line. From a regional point of view, most of the poor are located in the outskirts of Lima and in the rural areas of the Sierra and Selva.


By donating to the casayohanaFoundation , you are helping to realize the important statutes for the benefit of traumatized women and children and children with disabilities among the Quechua Indians in the district of Apurimac, Peru.


With an association with the casayohanaFoundation, you are helping to increase the registered capital of the foundation and thus to realize the important statutes for the benefit of traumatized women and children.


A profitable job requires one thing above all else: Friends, multipliers, critics, pioneers, fellow thinkers and many more.


As an ambassador, you express your special attachment to casa yohana’s work in Peru. You are in a community with other ambassadors who share the same concern.

Becoming a godfather

With a sponsorship, you enable a child to live a decent life. In addition to financial support, you have the opportunity to help us actively and on the ground. Help from home is also possible.

Dates & Events

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News from the Foundation and Peru

New network partner Rabl&Hahn

New network partner Rabl&Hahn

from front left: Philipp, Matthias, Bine and Jennifer We are very pleased that we were able to win Rabl & Hahn, one of the leading management consulting companies in Germany for transformation, communication and change processes, based in Munich, as a new network...

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This is what our ambassadors say

‘ When people choose, out of their faith, to live a life of service to those who are particularly in need of help, that’s always remarkable. What this means in concrete terms is countered by Sabine Vogel and casayohana in the most vivid way. This contribution to giving people the freedom to make their lives responsible and, in particular, to enable children to have a future worth living in life, is extremely worthy of support as a valuable building block of meaningful development cooperation. ” Dr. W. Philipp Hildmann Head of Strategy Development and Policy Questions, Hanns Seidel Foundation, Munich

‘ Disabled children, sexual abuse in the highlands of Peru, what’s that about me?, quite a few may ask when they read this. In our globalized, in our One World, we are in need – no matter where it arises – a great deal. Casayohana needs your support.My request: Open your heart (and wallet), support casayohanawho work and help there and, with God’s help, make the world a little better where it ends for many of us. “

Renate Schmidt former Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

“Casayohana supports people in emergencies in a region where this form of emergencies have no place in society. This is done with tireless, years-long, personal commitment. In order for the aid to have a long-term and sustainable effect, casayohana needs to find support in order to be able to distribute the work among many helpers, especially from the region. ” Tobias Glemser Managing Director of secuvera GmbH, IT security service provider

“Far from media attention, the poorest and most vulnerable urgently need our help. Casayohana offers shelter and holistic help for victims of domestic violence and neglect, for mothers and children who would have little chance of hope on their own. Through the contribution of our employees, God’s love becomes concrete and gets a hand and a foot. That’s why I support casayohana from the bottom of my heart! ‘

Matthias Frey Director of the Study and Living Community TABOR

“I want to support casayohana because it is run with passion and full commitment by employees and because the concern to help children with disabilities or women and children with psychological traumas therapeutically and holistically is worthwhile.

Guenther Guthmann Pastor and Inspector at the HGV & 2nd Chairman Christian Endeavor Bavaria


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