Become a volunteer

As casayohanavolunteeryou demonstrate your commitment to the purpose and work of the project. You are in a community with other volunteers who support and share the same concern.

Volunteers are private persons which support the work of casayohana directly and regularly, e.g. with donations, volunteer participation in charity events, with information about the project, donations or even in our campus in Peru.


  • Regular “live” reports from our project in Peru
  • Timely first-hand information (e.g. video conferencing)
  • Possibility to ask questions directly to our team in Peru
  • Information and participation at casayohana charity and / or fundraising events
  • Meet Bine Vogel personal when she is in your home country or back in Germany
  • Possibility to visit and support the project directly in Peru
  • Join us at the “casayohana day”, meet and greet with other supporters, volunteers, network partners and ambassadors