Increase the endowment assets of our Foundation casayohana!

A donation to increase the founding cassets of casayohana means a continuous support of our activities. They are added as non-earmarked funds in the foundation’s assets. Each endowment provides continuous and enduring assistance to traumatized women and children and children with disabilities among the Quechua Indians in the district of Apurimac, Peru.

Endowments support in the long term

The foundation’s assets are the financial basis of our association. It must not be touched and is invested in safe deposits. The annual income from this investment is used exclusively for the purposes of the Articles.
Thus, an endowment contributes to ensuring the project work of casayohana in Peru.


Who can contribute with endowments?

Endowments can be given by natural and legal persons.


Tax benefits

The dependent foundation casayohana serves tax-privileged charitable purposes. An endowment can therefore be claimed for tax purposes. Please contact your tax experts for advice.


For an endowment and further information on the topic, please contact us!

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