Become an ambassador

As an ambassador, you express your special attachment to the work of casayohana. You are in a community with other ambassadors who share the same concern.

You can become an ambassador as a private person if you are interested in the work of casayohana, support our values and goals and would like to represent them to the outside world. They are thus our “figurehead” in their circle of friends and network. They pass on information on and about the project.


  • Join us at the “casayohana day”, meet and greet with other supporters, volunteers, network partners and ambassadors

  • Regular “live” reports from our project in Peru
  • Timely first-hand information (e.g. video conferencing)
  • Live conference call to the project in Peru with the possibility for questions
  • If desired, support in planning information events for casayohana, e.g. through on-site presence and lectures by foundation staff
  • Information material (posters, displays, handouts, presentations, etc.)
  • Show case with exhibits from Peru
  • Preferred appointments for home stays by Bine Vogel and other project staff
  • Possibility to visit the project in Peru on site and assistance with travel planning
  • We would like to publish a picture with a statement why you support casayohana on our homepage and in our print media, such as flyers. Have a look under the button “Ambassador” and see what that can look like.