Since Wednesday last week we knew that from last Sunday is again quarantine throughout Peru. We then bought several carloads of food and hygiene items at short notice and made plans to reach all our children & families again before curfew if possible. All those who live within reach of casayohana came to us, the others we visited with our car. 🚗👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We tried to think of everything and gave away a month’s worth of food as well as things for school supplies and, in some cases, tricycles or bicycles for exercise. Now we can do nothing but be grateful for how many more families we were able to reach through our team in such a short time. 🤗☺️ We are putting everyone in God’s hands and hope that we can still reach them during the quarantine, depending on how long it lasts. 🙏🏼