We have just received the news that the quarantine in Peru will be lifted in large parts of the country as of July 1 – even here!

We are incredibly happy about this, because many Peruvians can now work for their living again & it makes our work much easier! Only in the regions most affected by COVID-19 will the strict curfew continue (see picture above). With some concern we are also looking at regions like Lima, which are heavily affected, but are still being released from quarantine…

The nationwide sanitation emergency remains. That means: No big events are allowed, masks are still compulsory & nobody is allowed to leave the house between 22:00 & 4:00. Even people over 64 years of age & under 14 must continue to comply with the quarantine nationwide.

Nevertheless: From July 1st (after 3 ½ months) we can reach our families again without special permission, our children get their treatments again & urgently needed doctor’s visits are finally possible! 🎉😊 This will hopefully also open up possibilities for the completion of our centre, we are just finding out which… 🏡🧹