On 20th of November 2018, Annette and Friedemann Büttel were able to present the casayohana project and foundation on invitation of Gustav Albrecht, member of the Rotary Club Weißburg. The audience followed with great attention and interest the information about the reality of life of the Quechuas in the Andean highlands of PERU and the offers of help that the project casayohana, led by Bine Vogel, gives to the people there. In addition to much concern and compassion with women and children and their fates, the foundation received an immediate announcement of a generous cash allowance from the Rotary Club.

In addition, Jakob Löwer and Kerstin Schöner, the chairmen of the Rotaract, the youth organization of the international Rotary movement, handed over a cheque to the foundation for €500 under the motto “Learning Help Celebrations.”

To both organizations, their chairmen and members, on behalf of the women and children in PERU and Bine Vogel, we say a big THANK YOU!!