Philipp Hahn is the new ambassador of casayohana. As Executive Coach, Top 100 Speaker, Futurologist, Entrepreneur, CEO of the super disruptive business Consultancy: R&H when asked why he supports casayohana’s cause as an ambassador and with his company as a network partner:

“Our consumption frenzy is affecting not only the global environment, but also the world’s poorest regions. There, people pay an immeasurable price for our excesses. The tireless team of casayohana helps the people of Andahuaylas, Apurimac-Peru, a much-forgotten region in the country of cocaine export No.1: Peru, where there is no basis for a reasonably normal life.
A harsh climate, a scarcely existing infrastructure and medical undersupply create unimaginable living conditions there.

A seemingly hopeless situation, because sexual abuse, domestic violence, illiteracy, frostbite, infections and malnutrition are part of everyday life.

Here we are not talking about life, but about survival. It is up to us there to meet and support the people on an equal footing. I’m committed!”

Philipp Hahn: