Executive Commitee / Board of Directors:

Our board consists of three members. The ExCom runs the foundation, takes the decisions, coordinates the activities and represents our concern in public.

Georg Stützer (Trustee)

  • Tax consultant
  • Authorized representative of the board of directors of the dependent foundation casayohana

Matthias Vogel (President & CEO)

  • Executive Board, Supervisory Board, Managing Director and Head of functional Departments in international companies
  • Community management of the Free ev. Chruch in Ansbach
  • Mentor and Coach

Gert Graml (CFO)

  • Global IT Administration Leader at Gore
  • Is and has been voluntary, including on the church board of the ev. Castle Municipal Community in Weißenburg

I am deeply touched by the situation of children, women and families in the highlands of Peru. As the brother of Bine Vogel, it was and is my concern with my task in the foundation to take on accountability and to secure the help on the ground sustainably and in the long term.

The devotion with which Bine cares for a forgotten people is deeply impressive and beautifully reflects the love of our Lord. I would like to help and help shape with my options in order to ensure and develop this aid.

Board of Trustees (Supervisory Board)

The Board of Trustees is the supervisory board of our foundation. It is currently made up of volunteers only. The Board of Trustees advises the Board of Management on technical matters, is involved in important decisions and relieves it.

Friedemann Büttel (Vice Chairman)

Friedemann Büttel (Vice Chairman)

Ev. Lutheran Pastor, currently working in school service at the gymnasium


“I am involved in the board of trustees of casayohana because I saw 2014 and 2017 with my own eyes,

  1. How, in the truest sense of the word, the people of the highlands need support,
  2. In what a great, passionate, loving and Christian faith-inspired way Sabine Vogel invests there,
  3. How fast, concrete and sustainable the work that is being carried out in casayohana on the ground is, and
  4. because it corresponds to my view of the mission of the Church to give a voice to those that no one else hears. “
Ulrich Kauffmann (Chairman)

Ulrich Kauffmann (Chairman)

Mechanical engineer for Production and Logistics Asia in Commercial Vehicles from Continental Automotive


“My sister has a severely disabled child and there I see how much is being done for her in Germany. By comparison, casayohana provides great help to children with disabilities and their families in Peru with little funding. I already had a godchild at the children’s work Lima, so working with the casayohanaFoundation is the continuation of my engagement in Peru. “

Marco König

Marco König

Government Council at the police headquarters in Upper Franconia and mission officer of the Christus-Gemeinde Creußen, Germany


“I see it as a gift to be born in Germany and to live here.”
Bine Vogel has caught a heart and left this “nest” with all the advantages and guarantees. A heart that beats for Peru’s disabled and disadvantaged children and women. And with passion, she fights for an improvement in the living situation of these people. casayohanais a matter of the heart and the best testimony of practically lived faith. And my life is changed by the relationship with the project, the many people who are engaged here and carry it, not least the help that reaches people. This is reflected in many reports and luminous children’s eyes. Thank God!
So it is my heartfelt concern and an honor to support Bine and ultimately the people.

Heinrich Finger

Heinrich Finger

Head of the United German Mission Assistance VDM

Angelika Guth

Angelika Guth

Teacher, seminar leader for state trainee teachers in the subject cath. Religion of the Archdiocese of Munich and church musician