It is unbelievable that the casayohana Deutschland Foundation has now been in existence for a year! On October 13, 2018 the foundation casayohana Germany celebrated its big foundation party in Weißenburg/Bavaria with the aim of making the casayohana project known in Peru and gaining supporters.

We look at the developments in Germany and PERU in the past year with great gratitude: Many people have been touched and inspired to take on responsibility for casayohana in PERU in the most diverse ways with their personal commitment on site, with their gifts and abilities in the organization of the foundation, in advertising, at lectures and events in Germany, with their prayers and financial means. In PERU, the construction of the first two houses could take a huge step forward, employees could be hired and the children and families could be provided with clothing, food, diagnostics and therapy!

We are overwhelmed by so much generosity and by what has already become possible in this way! So women and children in Andahuaylas and surroundings in PERU can receive the necessary support through Bine Vogel and her local employees!

We would like to thank all those who took part and continue to do so today! And we thank our great, good God who has so blessed our work!