Published on 09.12.2021

For our social-missionary work casayohana in Peru we are looking for:

Health care worker(s) and nurse(s).

casayohana has been working with abused and battered children and women (vidaliberada) since 2013. In 2014, we added the accompaniment, education and support of disabled children and their families (formerly Heartbeat, now NIÑOS DE LA CASA). Our goal in both works is to provide help for self-help. To this end, we work closely with authorities, churches and local non-profit organizations (NGOs). Through counseling and therapeutic services of various kinds, we want to make the love of God tangible, regardless of social status, origin or gender, with vidaliberada and NIÑOS DE LA CASA.

We offer:

- an interesting and challenging job in cooperation with local people

- a varied, responsible workplace and a good working atmosphere

- a good preparation in Germany or Peru and a good training in Peru


We expect:

- Support for the above-mentioned goal of the project: to make God's love tangible through words and deeds.

- professional competence in the medical field, imparting knowledge and guiding, accompanying people (social pedagogy, pastoral care, psychotherapy, etc.)

- Willingness to learn the Spanish language

- Willingness to get involved with a new culture

- Willingness for a longer-term assignment

- a confident, friendly and open manner

- a respectful way of dealing with locals at eye level

- ability to work in a team

- willingness to do non-professional work

- willingness to travel to the highlands / business trips

- building up a circle of friends and supporters for financing and support

- Basic knowledge of MS-Office software


If you are interested, please feel free to contact us:


Phone: 09827/9280711

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