Contracts that are worth their weight in gold!

von admin27.07.2022

Children with disabilities in Peru unfortunately have no voice and often no one to lovingly interact with them

They are hidden by their families in a dark room, neglected or even abandoned. Parents are often ashamed and do not know how to deal with their children or how to care for and nurture them. Especially children from poor backgrounds hardly have a chance for school support or even an education.

It is so brilliant when we find local people and institutions in our neighborhood who specifically care about children as much as we do! It's good to network, share experiences, and support each other so that children with disabilities have a future just like any other healthy child.

Our director Bine Vogel was able to sign a contract of cooperation with the "Center for Special Education" in Talavera. Thus, we can now provide our children of casayohana through this shoulder a better quality school education. 

It's so incredibly nice to see everything progressing! ☺️

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