This is what our ambassadors say

“I’M IN!”

Our consumption frenzy is affecting not only the global environment, but also the world’s poorest regions. There, people pay an immeasurable price for our excesses. The tireless team of casayohana helps the people of Andahuaylas, Apurimac-Peru, a much-forgotten region in the country of cocaine export No.1: Peru, where there is no basis for a reasonably normal life.
A harsh climate, a hardly existing infrastructure and a medical undersupply provide unimaginable living conditions there.

A seemingly hopeless situation, as sexual abuse, domestic violence, illiteracy, frostbite, infections and malnutrition are also part of everyday life. Here one does not speak of life, but of survival. It is up to us there to meet and support the people on an equal footing. I’m in!”

Philipp Hahn

Executive Coach, Top 100 Speaker, Futurologist, Entrepreneur, CEO of the super disruptive business Consultancy: R&H

It is always remarkable when people decide, on the basis of their faith, to live in the service of those who are particularly in need of help. Sabine Vogel and casayohana provide a vivid illustration of what this means in concrete terms. This contribution to giving people the freedom to shape their own lives on their own responsibility and to enable children in particular to have a future worth living is extremely worth supporting as a valuable building block of meaningful development cooperation.

Dr. W. Philipp Hildmann

Head of Strategy Development and Policy Questions, Hanns Seidel Foundation, Munich

Casayohana supports people in need in a region where this form of need has no place in society. This is done with tireless, years-long, personal commitment. In order for the aid to have a long-term and sustainable effect, casayohana must find support in order to be able to distribute the work among the heads of many helpers, especially those from the region.
Tobias Glemser

Managing Director of secuvera GmbH, IT security service provider

Far away from media attention, the poorest and weakest urgently need our help. Casayohana offers shelter and holistic help for victims of domestic violence and neglect, for mothers and children who would have little chance of hope on their own. Through the contribution of our employees, God’s love becomes concrete and gets a hand and a foot. That’s why I support casayohana with all my heart!
Matthias Frey

Director of the Study and Life Community TABOR

I want to support casayohana because it is run with passion and full commitment by employees and because the concern to help children with disabilities or women and children with psychological traumas therapeutically and holistically is worthwhile.
Günther Guthmann

Pastor and inspector in the HGV, 2nd chairman EC Bavaria

Disabled children, sexual abuse in the highlands of Peru, what does it concern me? ´, not few may ask, if they read this. In our globalized, in our One World, need – no matter where it arises – concerns us very much. Casayohana needs your support.

My request: Open your heart (and your wallet), support casayohana, and all those who work and help there and with God’s help make the world a better place where it ends for many of us.

Renate Schmidt

Former Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth