We are currently sitting in Amsterdam waiting for our connecting flight to Nuremberg – a good opportunity to reflect and share our impressions.

The region where Bine lives and casayohana is located is incredibly beautiful in terms of scenic terms: A high valley at an altitude of about 2900 m, surrounded by mountains – with an ingenious view. A few kilometres further up and also the wildlife makes us wonder.

Bine has a lot to shoulder in Talavera/Andahuaylas in and around her house:

As early as 5.00 in the morning, she is in contact with Germany with the two mission societies, donor circles, congregations, other missions as well as friends and family to keep in touch, coordinate topics, organize appointments, pass on information or Report on current emergencies.

From 8 a.m., it will be available for all project topics, public traffic and its employees (assignment of tasks, daily planning).

Her colleague Megumi plays an important role in this and works very well in her field of work. Another employee, Noe, takes care of craftsman activities, the site and the project car. It will certainly take a while before he can carry out his tasks on his own responsibility and independently, but is very motivated and open-minded.

Lupe, former head of Paz y Esperanza, Bine’s head of staff, admin and Orga has a lot of experience and brings it very well to the project.

The missionary couple Hanselmann, longtime friends of Bine, have supported their work on the ground for the last 6 weeks. They will stand by Bine again from June to August before going to Germany for their home service. We have seen this as a real support: Whether in therapy, driving services, transporting project children, shopping or craft activities.

Bine has rented an additional apartment nearby for volunteers – this is a great relief and creates the necessary space for pleasant accommodation for temporary support.

After our impressions over the last 10 days, Bine primarily needs permanent employees on site, including from Germany. We are very concerned about Bine, because we see that she has to be accessible 24 hours 7 days a week and a contact person for a wide variety of people and tasks. This must also change in the interests of the sustainability of the project.

Our direct contacts with project families, volunteers and children were very impressive:

We were able to visit a family in their hut in the highlands as well as witness a medical-therapeutic consultation! Very emotional: In the family we were welcomed with incredible hospitality and joy, could experience shining children’s eyes when handing over small gifts and clothes, shared the faith and the food – that was deeply imprinted on us!!! People are so grateful and generous, even though they have so little themselves. Here, the support is directly received and promotes the children, enables school and thus also the opportunities for the future. The second eldest daughter, Ester, and the youngest daughter of the family, Dina, would desperately need godparents. But there is also a need for others.

The consultation in Chaccrampa at an altitude of almost 4000 m showed us very clearly the confidence that the people in Bine have. They come to the city administration, where the consultation is taking place, waiting more or less patiently for up to 3.5 hours to be taken seriously and examined by Bine in their problems. During this time Bine treats in incredible patience about 30 children (project children and also emergencies) and also about 10 adults, who simply do not reject them over the heart. Often it is small problems, such as headaches, that stem from too little fluid. Here, Bine creates constant medical help and basic hygienic education! She organizes appointments for hospital visits to Lima and Cusco and also stays and diagnostics at the Diospi Suyana mission hospital in Curahuasi.

Another highlight of our trip was visits to volunteer Christians who support Bine in translating into Quechua during investigations and especially during conversations with women from the highlands who do not speak Spanish. They don’t have much themselves, but generously put their time and other gifts to casayohana available: For example, Rosalinda, herself a mother of 6 children, who, despite her own burden on Bine, translates at the consultation in Chaccrampa or Hermana Isabella – a pensioner, herself ill, but always there when she is needed. For us impressive role models!!

At Bine in the house, treatment of disabled children, guidance of her relatives or pastoral care conversations with the women take place at least three days a week, often also more often therapies of handicapped children.

We experienced Megumi, herself a dentist, as an open-hearted, consed-minded and sensitive “receptionist” and support. It has great potential to relieve Bine in the therapy of children in the future.

Not thinking away from Bine’s life is her ‘ Peruvian ‘ family, Chabi mum, daughters Fiorella, Anabel and big sister Evelyn: They clean the house, do delicate tasks, guard the house in absentia and come to their godmother Bine in questions of faith and life. That’s very nice to see!!

Last, but not least, of course we have also paid a visit to the new property: It lies a little elevated with a wonderful view over Talavera and it is super suitable to accommodate casayohana.Here, everyone is waiting for the architect to finalize the final plans for filing with the office. We are very emotional and highly impressed by how Bine handles the diverse and countless small and large decisions and tasks in her positive and open way on a daily basis, while enjoying, laughing, humour, but also depth, patience and incredible empathy.

At the end of our journey and our report, we can summarize:

We got to know the project at a stage where it is growing strongly due to a wide range of demand.

We marvel at our incredible God who cares so lovingly for Bine, for the people of the Andes of Peru and for casayohana.

That is why the Foundation and our efforts to support come at exactly the right time: Financial resources, professional know-how, material resources and people who are personally involved and in prayer are essential for the work!

We ask God to prepare people to help

And to the use of all supporters in Germany gives his rich blessing! Annette and Matthias