On Sunday, 13.10.2019, we were able to participate in the 44th hunger walk of the community of Böhl-Iggelheim in the Palatinate and represent the foundation and the casayohana project! A great experience for us! About 250 committed people walked 5, 10 or even 15 km on this day and thus collected financial means for the work in Peru.

Behind this is a unique idea: The community of Böhl-Iggelheim will support casayohana in 2019 through charity events and a wide variety of activities: public institutions, schools, associations, companies, church congregations and many private individuals are involved. Bine Vogel, the head of the project, had already spent several weeks in the Palatinate beforehand to present her work in lectures and personal talks. We could see and experience on Sunday that casayohana left a strong impression in Böhl-Iggelheim! Many, many thanks for this great commitment over a whole year