Our city needs urgent help: every day people die in our homes & the hospital because there is no oxygen. Now we have come together as a community to stop this disaster. 💪🏼 All last week we were in the main square of our town with a collection stand for the campaign “TalaTón – Oxygen that comes from the heart”. The action was initiated & led by a regional citizens committee. Itsgoal is to buy an oxygen generator for the Andahuaylas region. The fundraising campaign is carried out by the organization Paz y Esperanza in Andahuaylas & by us in Talavera, in each case with logistical support from the city councils.

And: The effort is worth it! Many people came to participate to the best of their ability! In total, we were able to collect 114,491.25 Soles in Talavera, which will be supplemented by the city government with another 60,000 Soles! We as an organization casayohana have also decided to support this action with a larger amount. Many thanks also to all from Germany who have already supported the action in the last days – you are incredible!!! 🤗 🙏🏼 Thanks also to those who are yet to do so! In total we need more out of 1 million soles! If you would like to support us as well: Account casayohana & donation purpose code: 21-7. May we soon have oxygen again!